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Welcome! Having been a part of this fraternity for the past 3 years, I can attest to the overwhelming professional and personal development this organization has given me. Starting off as a doe-eyed freshman, joining PSE helped me grow into a well-rounded business woman prepared to conquer anything and everything that comes my way. PSE is my home away from home--my family here at UC Berkeley.

Yes, we teach you the foundations of marketing, finance, consulting, and so much more; however, you will also learn about humility, brotherhood, and teamwork. PSE represents a diverse range of majors from Business to Global Studies to Cognitive Science, and this is what makes us different. We seek diversity to uphold an interdisciplinary approach and implement equity and inclusion practices to ensure everyone’s voices are heard. PSE has supported and allowed me to excel through my years as a Golden Bear and today I am grateful to give back to an organization that has generously given me so much. Joining PSE will provide you with a robust professional experience helping not only expand your network and knowledge of business and marketing, but also providing you with a community of diverse individuals who will shape your confidence and character. Most students come into UC Berkeley completely lost; I know I did. UC Berkeley academics are challenging and rigorous, but joining an organization like PSE will give you a network of friends and a place to call home. What are you waiting for? Click the Recruitment tab to come out to our events and meet the brothers!

Natalia Brusco
Chapter President


The Zeta Chi Chapter of Pi Sigma Epsilon is a business and marketing organization that promotes the professional advancement of our members and their diverse spectrum of backgrounds. Alongside the professional support, PSE prides itself in being a close-knit community that supports one another in their individual endeavors throughout their journeys at Berkeley.


With over 50 members, the close-knit community and life-long relationships created between each individual serves as the core foundation of our fraternity. Our members can always rely on each other to grow together and support one another professionally, academically, and socially.


Through career-oriented information sessions, workshops, and projects, our fraternity provides endless opportunities for our members to foster professional development and success. Our collaboration with other organizations on campus provides the ability to network with peers from different backgrounds and gain professional insights. Additionally, our members gain the invaluable resources of the Pi Sigma Epsilon National network to expand their career pursuits across the country.


Our members study a wide range of majors, from Business Administration to EECS to Media Studies, and pursue a multitude of career paths in consulting, marketing, and more. With this diversity in our interests and passions, our fratnerity fully fosters an environment for members to apply their own personal creativities and individuality to career-oriented projects.


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