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Dear Prospective Rho Class,

Welcome! You might not know it yet, but your drive, curiosity, and aspirations have brought you here to further your social, professional, and academic career path more than you (or I) could ever expect from a college organization. I still remember the day I first landed on this website as a Fall semester Freshman not knowing what to expect from college let alone PSE. But after having been a part of this fraternity for the past two years, I’ve grown to recognize more and more the importance and significance of my decision to apply. My decision to take a leap of faith in this fratnernity among a sea of Cal organizations has given me the rare opportunity to learn and experience so much in one organization that would’ve taken me years to obtain on my own.

Berkeley is daunting and no one should face all of its challenges alone. Amidst the academic, social, and professional 2-4 year hunger game we are dropped into, the comfort and support of an alliance, tribe, family like PSE makes a world of a difference. PSE’s kind, supportive culture helped me grow as a friend and person while its professional and academic mentorship helped me reach my goals and learn more applicable skills and topics than I did in my first 18 years of life before I joined PSE. PSE has honestly made my college experience, both the good and the bad (there’s gonna be many) infinitely better, and I find that the least I can do for this amazing organization is give back. By working as Director of Recruitment, VP of Human Resources, and now President, I’ve spent my entire college career introducing people like you to PSE to sustain our culture and legacy, and seeing everyone’s growth gives me the greatest sense of gratification. So come on over to our events and check us out! PSE and I await you!

Miles Yun
Chapter President


The Zeta Chi Chapter of Pi Sigma Epsilon is a business and marketing organization that promotes the professional advancement of our members and their diverse spectrum of backgrounds. Alongside the professional support, PSE prides itself in being a close-knit community that supports one another in their individual endeavors throughout their journeys at Berkeley.


With over 50 members, the close-knit community and life-long relationships created between each individual serves as the core foundation of our fraternity. Our members can always rely on each other to grow together and support one another professionally, academically, and socially.


Through career-oriented information sessions, workshops, and projects, our fraternity provides endless opportunities for our members to foster professional development and success. Our collaboration with other organizations on campus provides the ability to network with peers from different backgrounds and gain professional insights. Additionally, our members gain the invaluable resources of the Pi Sigma Epsilon National network to expand their career pursuits across the country.


Our members study a wide range of majors, from Business Administration to EECS to Media Studies, and pursue a multitude of career paths in consulting, marketing, and more. With this diversity in our interests and passions, our fratnerity fully fosters an environment for members to apply their own personal creativities and individuality to career-oriented projects.


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